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PHC provides Skilled Nursing as well as Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy in the comfort of your home.

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Why PHC?

Pediatric Healthcare Connection was founded on something simple: an idea that there was something missing in private duty nursing care and the relationships built upon the work. After many years in the industry, we felt there could be more done to ensure a more familial relationship between administration, medical professionals, and patients’ families. To us, there needed to be more time spent connecting nurses with the right families and families with the right nurses. To us, it’s more than just clinical skills. We look at the bigger picture. But it only starts there. Call us, we’d love to tell you all about it. We decided to build a community of heart-filled professionals who felt valued, heard and appreciated.

Our Vision

PHC’s vision is to create new pediatric home healthcare standards by providing the highest quality care with innovation, integrity, excellence and compassion.

Our Mission

PHC’s mission is to change pediatric home healthcare through innovative strategies that improve the lives of patients, families, and employees.

Our Services

As we have focused on being a case management company, we work hard to collaborate with all your service providers to ensure the most comprehensive care. If you are currently receiving services that include therapies, or have continued services with specialists, our team feels strongly about continuous communication to help provide the best care for your patient.

If you are a family, or a health care professional looking for our services please call (855) 268-4098 or email us for more info.

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PHC offers Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Feeding Therapy, and related services through Big Sky Pediatric Therapy. If you are looking for these services, please call (512) 306-8007 or email for more information.


A. Every medical professional is screened by Texas department of public safety, OIG, drug screening and infectious disease testing. PHC will test all medical professionals to appropriate skill levels and experience to work with each child. After appropriate scoring on all testing each staff member will be reviewed hands on by a supervising clinician to ensure comfort and competence. Additional training by supervising clinician to child specific assignments may also occur.
A. Our families always reserve the right to meet, approve or deny the services of any clinician. PHC encourages the communication with supervising staff to build a team to service you and your loved one that best fits your specific criteria.
A. The PHC team will review funding sources prior to any agreement of services, where all parties are in agreement of any charges and who will be responsible for those charges.

Our Families

Being a parent is hard enough...caring for a child with special medical needs can be an adjustment that needs reliable support. Our families are a crucial key to our comprehensive care teams, as they are the expert on their own child. We are humbled to use our own expertise to complete that care team with the right medical professionals to help make the best decisions, though sometimes very difficult, in partnering for your child’s best success. Our families are very special to us, as many of us might never understand their struggles. But PHC works diligently to respect each family’s commitment to their everyday struggles.

Words can't express our gratitude for PHC. In the three years we've had nursing care for our son, this is the ONLY company that has provided continuity of care for our son. We never have to worry about "strangers" showing up at our door at 7am. Communication and transparency has been one of their many strengths. Their priority is not only for their patients, but for their nurses. And in order to have happy clients, you have to have happy nurses. PHC provides comfort, peace, and COMPASSION. A perfect balance for an imperfect family dynamic with a special needs and medically complex son. Thank you PHC for bringing calmness during a very chaotic time in our life. We appreciate your commitment to serve our family.

Christina G.

We are so grateful for PHC! This company has been such a delight to work with. They not only made the transition smoother than anticipated, but they have been committed to providing us with amazing caregivers that we not only love and trust, but have helped our child stay healthy, happy and thriving.

Ashley U.

We are a family of 7. My husband and I have 5 boys. We started a Journey with Kiptyn and nursing over 7 years ago. We have nurse's in our home almost 24/7, which provides many challenges. We started with PHC back in July 2016. We love this company. We can not say enough good things about what a great company this is. The way they have structured their company is amazing. They don't just hire a body to fill a shift. They hire for the long term and to make sure it is a good fit for the family. We have been with several nursing company's. Starting over with a new agency and nurse and trying to rebuild a good nursing team has been hard. When we started with PHC it started immediately and I feel that I have rebuilt an amazing nursing staff with the quality of nurses we have. Our son Kiptyns, success is largely due to the quality of nurse provide. The Nurses aren't just here to get a pay check, they are here for my son and work as team.

Tiffany G.

PHC has been a real blessing. We have experienced relationships with multiple nursing agencies, however no other company has instilled the trust and confidence that PHC has. The continuity of our son's care has made the ultimate difference. Six years into our life long need for nurses, I am completely positive you won't find another company like this one.

Troy R.

Meet our team

Collectively, our administrative team has over 50 years of experience in the home healthcare industry. We have teamed up strategically to bring the best of familiarity and heart. We have created a successful team by combining expertise and passion. This passion is extended into pediatric therapy as well through Big Sky Pediatric Therapy.

Don Maniccia

CEO PHC Holdings

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About Don

He didn’t grow up in Texas but he won’t leave now! Don Maniccia, founder of PHC, moved his way to the Lone Star State and Pediatric Private Duty Nursing at the turn of the Millennium. He has held senior positions in the largest companies in the industry as well as helped to create programs across the state for families of special needs children for almost 15 years. He and his wife Laura are raising their three little ones on a lot of coffee and a bit of traveling. Having experience with their own medically fragile son, Don decided to branch out on his own to create a company that embodied his own personal philosophies and work ethic.


Bruce Clements

President PHC & Big Sky Pediatric Therapy

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About Bruce

Bruce serves as President of PHC and Big Sky Pediatric Therapy. This is following a long career of public service, including 23 years serving in the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard as a Public Health Officer, and over a decade directing state health emergency preparedness and response programs in Missouri and Texas. He is excited for the opportunity to leverage his experience and passion for service to support PHC’s mission and philosophy. When he’s not working, Bruce loves spending time with his wife, four sons, and their families. He also enjoys writing, art, and music. He has published public health articles and textbooks, and he is also a big band singer who enjoys collecting Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and other vinyl albums.


Steve Willingham

VP of Account Management

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About Steve

A Rio Grande Valley native, Steve Willingham has been in Central Texas since 2005 and has enjoyed networking through the special needs community. With over ten years of industry experience, he’s a strong advocate for our families as he regularly meets with other service providers to help close the gaps. He and his wife Lindsey love the ATX life of outdoor activity and live music! Their dog Shiner loves to roam Zilker and they enjoy spending time with nearby family and friends.


Julie Gaut

VP of Clinical Services & Compliance

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About Julie

Julie is a Texas native who ventured to Oklahoma for 7 years has decided to return to her roots and join the PHC family as an Account Manager. Since graduating college, Julie has spent most of her professional career working with Private Duty Nursing in various cities throughout Texas and Oklahoma. When Julie is not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as reading as much as possible.


Andrew Garza

Corporate Controller

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About Andrew

Another Austin transplant, Andrew Garza has worked with Private Duty Nursing families throughout Texas for over 8 years. He and his wife Vanessa enjoy spending their free time visiting Austin’s local parks with their kids and Labradors. A devoted Cowboys fan and sports and outdoors enthusiast he also enjoys camping, fishing, attending local sporting events, and occasionally attempting to play golf.


Aaron Rangel

Corporate Business Development Director

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About Aaron

Aaron, a South Texas native, is happy to have found his way back to San Antonio after living in Houston for 9 years. Aaron has been working in private duty nursing for over ten years and after a couple of years away from it to pursue other healthcare interests, is excited to be at PHC. Aaron enjoys time with his family. He and his wife Tara have two daughters - Olivia and Amelia. Aaron's other interests include spending time with friends, reading, golf, and playing basketball.


Linda Martin

Corporate Finance Director

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About Linda

Linda is honored to serve as Director of Finance for PHC, a company that believes in celebrating the nurses who care for the medically fragile children of our community. Linda is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 23 years of extensive experience in the Pediatric Healthcare and Commercial Real Estate industries. Prior to joining PHC, Linda was a senior member of the accounting and finance team for one of the nation’s largest pediatric healthcare providers. She looks forward to using her accounting and finance experience to help the company grow responsibly, thus enabling more children to receive quality care from it's professional staff of nurses and therapists.

Linda and her husband are proud to have raised two wonderful Texas A&M graduates. In her spare time she enjoys international travel, reading, spending time with friends & family, and the occasional mission trip with her church.


Carolyn King

Administrator Big Sky Pediatric Therapy

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About Carolyn

Originally from Wisconsin, Carolyn has been an Austinite for over 8 years now and has been part of the Big Sky Team for just as long! Carolyn is passionate about collaborating with families in her care to achieve the highest level of results possible for each child. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, exploring the Austin outdoors, and cheering on the Packers!


Tanya Howell, RN

Senior Director of Clinical Services

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About Tanya

Tanya is a part of the original crew at PHC. PHC’s comprehensive approach to client and employee management is what inspired her to come on board and stay on board. She is the definition of what it means to bleed PHC purple. She has been a nurse for over 20 years and in 2002 realized her niche was working in Private duty nursing. She plans to work in private duty nursing until she retires or ascends with Bowie. Outside of PHC, she loves everything about Texas. From the Hill Country to Texas Music. She is an avid supporter of the local artist community and supports local businesses. BUY LOCAL!


Kathi Rivas, RN

Senior Director of Clinical Services

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About Kathi

Kathi grew up in New Jersey but has been in Texas since 1992. We say that makes her a true Texan now! She realized shortly after moving here she needed to slow down and put a smile on her face. She now says things like “y’all” and knows who the Longhorn’s are. She has acclimated well to Texas life. So much so when she returns to New Jersey, her family teases her about her “Southern accent.” She has worked in Private duty nursing since 2003. First as a field nurse then shortly after transitioning to a Nursing Supervisor. She has worked with several PDN companies throughout her career and found her home at PHC in 2015. Both of her sons are away at college and she is enjoying her empty nest. In her spare time, she goes to concerts and watches college football. ROLL TIDE!!


Matthew Daniels

Account Manager

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About Matthew

Matthew Daniels serves as our Account Manager for the Dallas-Fort Worth metro-plex office. He brings more than 10 years of statewide administrative experience in serving the families of special needs children who have Private Duty Nursing. Growing up between the West Coast and the Midwest, Matthew moved to Texas as quickly as he could and then married a 6th generation Texan to make up for lost time. He and his wife, Kristian, enjoy quiet evenings listening to their favorite 80s and 90s slow jams after busy days of keeping up with their 3 energetic children and serving the community in their respective careers in healthcare.


Kyle Craven

Account Manager

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About Kyle

Kyle is a native Texan but was raised right next door, in Louisiana. Kyle has had the privilege of working in home care in four different states across our nation, including the great state of Texas where he got his start in 2012. Kyle enjoys spending time outdoors in all settings. From hunting and fishing, to gardening and landscaping, he loves the experience and clarity that nature brings and enjoys cooking the many bounties that come from it. Kyle's favorite thing in life is spending time with his beautiful wife, Kelly, and his two wonderful daughters Natalie and AJ. Kyle is thrilled to return to the state that he was born in, married in, and that launched his career. Kyle will be working in our Houston market where he will lead our team in the day to day. Kyle is a huge LSU fan and is not shy to throughout a "GEAUX TIGERS", whenever he gets the chance.


Zach Khorsand

Account Manager

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About Zach

Zach grew up with one other sibling in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He has a passion for photography, football, swimming and anything related to Star Wars “May the force be with you”. Zach had almost 3 years of experience in the healthcare industry and brought his expertise with him from Philadelphia to Austin. In Zach’s spare time he enjoys getting together with friends and family, or just hanging out with his beautiful fiancé Laura with their two amazing dogs Harper and Obie.


Greyson Floss

Talent Acquisition & Retention

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About Greyson

Greyson is yet another Austin transplant. When asked where he is from, he gives a simple answer: “born in Iowa, raised in Hudson Valley, New York.” With over 5 years of industry experience under his belt, Home Health Care has taken Greyson all over the place, making his back story as interesting as his sports affiliations. He loves watching college football in the fall (Go Hawkeyes!) and doing just about anything on the lake during the summer. You can almost always find Greyson spending time with his many friends and large family.


Luis Zambrano

Talent Aquisition & Retention

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About Luis

Texas born and Florida Raised, Luis Zambrano has been working with Private Duty Nursing families for over 6 years. Home health was a part of his family when he was younger and he feels strongly about helping our families find success with their PDN services. He enjoys traveling to new countries every year, hiking the trails with his pup Zoey as much as possible, and enjoys spending time with friends and family.


Teresa Test

Talent Aquisition & Retention

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About Teresa

A true Austinite, Teresa joined the PHC family as a Talent Retention Specialist. Because of her personal experience as a #medicalmama, we knew she would be perfect for the company and an advocate for our families also experiencing the hardships of having a medically complex child. As the company continues to grow, she looks forward to educating and connecting with other medical families while also inspiring them to find strength and beauty in their journey, as medical families.


What our nurses have to say

Interested in joining our team?

Do you have a passion for working with children with special medical needs? Are you ready to work with a cohesive team of professionals who share this passion and honor commitment? We would love to learn more about your experience that has led you to finding this passion and share with you our vision for matching your drive and your profession. We strongly believe in a work-life balance, but more than that, a strong employer-employee relationship.

Top three reasons nurses choose PHC

Clinical Supervision

We offer a 10 to 1 ratio of field staff to clinical supervision. Our Clinical Supervisors work in the field regularly and are not just supervisors, but peers. They have laid eyes and hands on the patients you will work with, rather than just have Quality Assured your notes. They are kept up to date on doctor’s orders and maintain clear communication with both our families and their own teams.

Account Management

In addition to our clinical supervision ration, we maintain this same ratio of patients to Account Managers. We strongly believe visibility is the key to trust. Our team is regularly available to both families and staff. While office hours can be the most convenient time to discuss important matters, we remain on-call 24 hours a day to extend our availability during those off-peak times.


The industry standard does not promote continuity of care for patients, as it doesn’t offer long-term reasons to stay in a home-health position. We have broken the mold of the industry by not only offering competitive pay rates but reasons to stay with our team, forever! We take “employee-sponsored” health insurance to a new level. If you aren’t interested in working forever, start building your retirement with our matching 401k option that gets you there closer. Come for our team but stay for your benefits!

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