Pediatric Healthcare Connection - Inservices

At Pediatric Healthcare Connection patient safety and well-being is our highest priority. We are constantly looking into helping our employees find ways to be their best when working 1 on 1 with patients. Night nursing is a topic that we will focus on in this in-service.

Although the duties and responsibilities are no different for a nurse that works the night shift, nurses must find ways to manage their workload in between the continuous monitoring of patients throughout the night. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay awake and alert through the night.

  1. Get an Adequate Amount of Sleep
    Create an environment more conducive for sleeping
    Use curtains that darken the room
    Disconnect things that will disrupt sleep such as phones and electronics
  2. Make Healthier Meal and Snack Choices
    Choose meals and snacks that have a significant effect on energy, stamina, and performance levels. Choose items that provide energy but not cause sleepiness or a crash and burn effect later on the shift
    Eat several small meals instead of 1 or 2 big ones. For example, snacks such as raw salads, nuts, fruit, and vegetables several times throughout the night.
  3. Find Constructive Ways to Keep Busy
    Exercise or get active to stay alert
    Bring a hobby from home to keep you busy during down times
  4. Don’t over Commit
    Schedule your shifts appropriately
    If you are working full time with one agency, don’t bite off more than you can chew with another
    Be truthful with yourself
    Make the right decisions during your off time. Bad decisions may lead you to little or no rest before your next shift
    Inform PHC if you are not 100% ready to work before the start of your shift

When a nurse falls asleep during their designated shift, they are putting their patient at risk. Therefore if a nurse should fall asleep or appear to be sleeping on the job, the following consequences could result following an investigation:

  • Immediate suspension of employment with PHC pending investigation
  • Possible termination from PHC after final results of investigation
  • Definite report by PHC to Department of Texas Health and Human Services
  • Possible report by PHC to the Texas State Board of Nursing
  • Possible sanctions against your nursing license imposed by the Texas Board of Nursing

Please reach out to your PHC Account Manager/Supervising Nurse if you need further coaching to ensure success. By signing below you state that you have read the in-service above and understand the consequences should you fall asleep while working with a patient in the home for PHC.