Pediatric Healthcare Connection - Tb Fact Sheet

The following criteria is utilized to identify if an employee has potential TB. This criteria is also utilized to determine if an employee needs another chest x-ray. This information is also presented in training.

Detection of employees who may have active TB are based on the following criteria:

Potential active symptoms:
  1. Persistent cough greater than 2 weeks duration
  2. Bloody sputum
  3. Night sweats
  4. Weight loss
  5. Anorexia
  6. Fever

Groups with a higher prevalence of TB infection:
  1. Medically underserved populations
  2. Homeless individuals
  3. Current or past prison inmates
  4. Alcoholics
  5. Injecting drug users
  6. Elderly
  7. Foreign-born persons from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America
  8. Contacts to individuals with TB
  9. Groups with a greater risk to progress from latent TB infection to active disease
  10. Individuals with HIV infection, silicosis, S/P gastrectomy or jejuno-ileal bypass surgery, greater than 10lb. Below normal body weight, chronic renal failure, diabetes mellitus, immunosuppressed due to medication, and those with some malignancies.
  11. Individuals who have been infected within the past 2 years and individuals with fibrotic lung disease on chest x-ray

I have reviewed the signs and symptoms of TB. I am not experiencing symptoms of TB. I understand if I experience any of the above symptoms I am to report to management immediately.