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We would love to learn more about your experience that has led you to finding this passion in nursing and share with you our vision for matching your drive and your profession. PHC strongly believes in a work-life balance, but more than that, a strong employer-employee relationship.

New to Private Duty Nursing or Pediatrics in general? We have an industry leading support system that will help you find success.

Hesitant about working in a patient’s home? You are entitled to work in a safe and comfortable environment. All of the homes for all of the nurses are visited by fellow team members before you would be asked to meet a family. Your team will accompany you to meet the family to make sure it is a good fit before any position is accepted. Fit with the family is as important to PHC as it is to you.

Questions about providing nursing care in a home? You will be provided orientation with every patient you work with and the supervisor is there with you on your first shift. You will have a full understanding of the care you will be providing before you work independently. If you ever have a question or need support your team is available 24/7.

Top three reasons nurses choose PHC

Clinical Supervision

Your Clinical Supervisors will never have more than a 15 to1 patient to supervisor ratio. They work in the field regularly and are not just supervisors, but peers. They have laid eyes and hands on the patients you will work with, rather than just have Quality Assured your notes. They are available 24/7 for clinical questions, are there with you on your first PHC shift, and will always be there to provide support, knowledge, and guidance whenever needed.


Account Management

We maintain this same ratio of patients of 15 to 1 for Account Managers. We strongly believe visibility is the key to trust. Your team is regularly available to both families and staff. While office hours can be the most convenient time to discuss important matters, we remain on-call 24 hours a day to extend availability during those off-peak times. The AM team is there to back you up whenever needed and are there to provide support in any facet other than clinical areas. They are an important part of the PHC model that help provide you stability in scheduling and make sure to keep you working.



The industry standard does not promote continuity of care for patients, as it doesn’t offer long-term reasons to stay in a home-health position. We have broken the mold of the industry by not only offering competitive pay rates but reasons to stay with our team, forever! We take “employee-sponsored” health insurance to a new level. If you aren’t interested in working forever, start building your retirement with our matching 401k option that gets you there closer. Come for our team but stay for your benefits!



The PHC difference goes beyond our benefits and extends to how we treat our Nurses. As a result our employees have rated Pediatric Healthcare Connection a Top Workplace in both San Antonio and Austin, TX. PHC is currently the #1 employer in the Austin-metro area among small employers.


In our fourth year of business, we have continued to learn more about what our staff needs most. PHC has been committed to providing long term careers for nurses along with benefits that typically weren’t offered in our industry. We work with Human Resource professionals to find the best opportunities for you and your loved ones. Additionally, we continue to add benefits each year.


Start accruing paid time off as a full time employee as soon as your employment with PHC begins. Want to bank them for a family vacation next summer? No problem! Something came up unexpectedly and you need a day off? Use your PTO to cover the difference so your regular check isn’t affected!


  • Blue Choice HDHP/HSA Low Plan- Free
  • Blue Choice HDHP/HSA Mid Plan- $41.13/wk
  • Blue Choice PPO High Plan- $67.31/wk
  • *PHC provides an annual $200 contribution to each employee’s HSA


  • DENTAL PPO MAC -$7.01/WK
  • DENTAL PPO w/Ortho- $8.79/wk


$25,000 Life insurance plan provided at no cost to all qualifying full-time employees. Option to purchase additional $20,000 in spousal life insurance coverage.


We have so many exciting additions this year and plan to continue to add more each year!

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We are so grateful for PHC! This company has been such a delight to work with. They not only made the transition smoother than anticipated, but they have been committed to providing us with amazing caregivers that we not only love and trust, but have helped our child stay healthy, happy and thriving.

-Ashley U

PHC is a different kind of home health company. The patients and the nurses are the top priority with this company. The personal touch is felt from Don and my nursing supervisor. I feel like a valued employee. The great benefits are just icing on the cake.

PHC has been a real blessing. We have experienced relationships with multiple nursing agencies, however no other company has instilled the trust and confidence that PHC has. The continuity of our son's care has made the ultimate difference. Six years into our life long need for nurses, I am completely positive you won't find another company like this one.

-Troy R

I came over to PHC July of 2016 at the urging of a friend who had positive things to say about the company. I have worked at a total 6 pediatric home health companies, so I can attest to the PHC difference! At PHC, I feel appreciated and my concerns are always addressed by the attentive, experienced, and hard working case managers. I am so glad I found PHC, and I am happy to be part of such an outstanding team of professionals..

For my testimonial I'd like to say that this company treats you like family . The staff and other employee are amazing. The patient's and families are wonderful. I've learned alot since I started. Great experiences overall. I have been with PHC 3 years and I hope to make it many many more. I mention to my friends alot that having a company like PHC is a blessing. Nursing supervisors are top notch. As one nurse to the next take the chance you won't regret it! There's tough days but its just a rewarding job. Thank you for inviting me to PHC family 3 years ago ❤ The beachhouse, the events together are the best♡ I miss it!

-Ava M

We are a family of 7. My husband and I have 5 boys. We started a Journey with Kiptyn and nursing over 7 years ago. We have nurse's in our home almost 24/7, which provides many challenges. We started with PHC back in July 2016. We love this company. We can not say enough good things about what a great company this is. The way they have structured their company is amazing. They don't just hire a body to fill a shift. They hire for the long term and to make sure it is a good fit for the family. We have been with several nursing company's. Starting over with a new agency and nurse and trying to rebuild a good nursing team has been hard. When we started with PHC it started immediately and I feel that I have rebuilt an amazing nursing staff with the quality of nurses we have. Our son Kiptyns, success is largely due to the quality of nurse provide. The Nurses aren't just here to get a pay check, they are here for my son and work as team.

-Tiffany G

I have worked for several home health care companies over my career as a NICU nurse and private duty nurse. I worked in NICU units in Austin for 20 years and always wondered how my little patients did after they went home. As a private duty nurse doing home care with these little patients I get to work with them on a day to day basis as they develop. Pediatric Healthcare Connection is different from the other agencies I have worked for because they really do care about the relationships between the company, the families and the nurses. Steve Willingham is committed to making sure it is a good fit for everyone and that he doesn't take cases that he can't staff well. The support and respect that I have received through Steve is unmatched in my career. Please consider them if you are looking for a nursing agency to care for your child or if you are a nurse wanting to work with pediatric cases.

-Sandy P

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